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The Art of Fugue

Bach the Craftsman

Ottavio Dantone sitting

Bach meant The Art of Fugue to be the pinnacle of his life’s work, and even incomplete, it’s still an unparalleled feat of imagination, intelligence and sheer joy in the act of creation.

Ottavio Dantone’s spirited period ensemble makes it live again today in a vibrant rendering of Bach’s musical imagination at its most transcendent – but don’t just take it from us. In the words of Bach’s own son Carl Philipp Emanuel, ‘he possessed the most profound knowledge of all contrapuntal arts and even artifices, but knew how to make art subservient to beauty’. The Art of Fugue isn’t just an insight into the mind of a genius, but music that speaks to the heart, even as it refreshes the spirit.

End-time to be announced nearer the event.

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