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BBC Singers 2019-20 group image

BBC Singers/Jeannin

A journey from the foothills of Peru to the open skies of Estonia with evocative songs of love and longing from the 18 voices of the BBC Singers.

Rowan Pierce portrait

Academy of Ancient Music: Rejoice!

Rejoice greatly in an evening of music to stir the soul and lift the spirits. Celebrate with some of baroque’s musical masters heard here at their most irrepressibly joyful and effervescent. 

Illustration of punch cards for Ada Lovelace's computer programme and a portrait of Lovelace

Ada Lovelace: Imagining the Analytical Engine

A musical tribute to a woman who united the worlds of 19th-century romanticism and cutting-edge science – Ada Lovelace: thinker, computer pioneer and enchantress of numbers.

Tamara Stefanovich b&w

Tamara Stefanovich: The Art of the Étude

Pianist Tamara Stefanovich takes a day-long musical journey through the Étude: three centuries of musical questions and open-ended answers.