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A pink wardrobe with cartoon white hangers

Through the Wardrobe


Discover a wardrobe where the possibilities of gender are endless. You are invited to explore the belongings of others and play with gender expression.

A black and white photograph of a black man and a white woman are pieced together in a digital glitch



Step into another's shoes through a virtual mirror, select a shared story and discover layers of yourself echoed back to you in this personal exploration of human experience, identity and empathy.

A man takes a selfie in a bathroom and we see this reflected in a mirror opposite, while a friend looks directly into the mirror


Two 16-year-old boys record the aftermath of the killing of one of their friends in this intensely personal documentary, filmed in Naples.

Mahan Esfahani leaning near hapsichord

Evening in the Palace of Reason: The Musical Offering

May 1747: Frederick the Great, philosopher-king of Prussia, meets composer Johann Sebastian Bach – and challenges him to an unwinnable musical duel. Bach’s Musical Offering is the astonishing result.

A young woman sits in a forest cleaning next to a rocky dry riverbed floor

Shelter – Farewell to Eden

Trans migrant Pepsi, born in the Philippines, shares her fascinating life experiences as she journeys to seek asylum in Italy.

Ottavio Dantone sitting

The Art of Fugue: Bach the Craftsman

Bach meant The Art of Fugue to be the pinnacle of his life’s work, and even incomplete, it’s still an unparalleled feat of imagination, intelligence and sheer joy in the act of creation.

Benjamin Appl portrait

Solo Cantatas: Bach and the Divine

Benjamin Appl and the Academy of Ancient Music create an evening that’s both a musical self-portrait of and a deeply moving homage to this most timeless of all composers.

an animated image of a baby in utero as the stamen of a pink flower

LIAF: Inside the Mind

We rediscover some of the most celebrated and talked about films from recent festival editions that explore the concept of an ‘inner life’.