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Mulholland Drive (15) + Introduction by Georgia Kumari Bradburn

Autism and Cinema

Naomi Watts and Laura Harring in Mulholland Drive

Set in the winding roads and dark recesses of Hollywood, Lynch’s labyrinthine film has attracted much hypothesis.

What if we were to resist the compulsion to solve the film as though it were a puzzle, or infer coherent and intentional subjects from the bodies on screen? What if, instead, we were to experience the chambers and onscreen events as belonging to a cinema not bound by theories of mind, its characters ones who ‘fracture and recombine like flesh caught in a kaleidoscope’ (Roger Ebert).

Mulholland Drive screens with The Mask, a remarkable first-person account of methods for autistic being-in-the-world, and a wry observation of personality as role play. As he journeys along a coastal footpath, the writer-director describes what it means to have autism while all the time wearing his favourite celebrity mask.

Introduced by Queen Mary academics Janet Harbord and Steven Eastwood, and Georgia Kumari Bradburn, author of The Autistic Film Critic blog.

The Mask
UK 2017 Dir Sharif Persaud 4 min digital presentation

Mulholland Drive
US 2001 Dir David Lynch 147 min digital presentation

Total event running time approximately 161 min 

Supported by Wellcome

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