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What Beast Must I Adore? Lee Krasner and Poetry

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Work with poet and tutor, Tamar Yoseloff to read poems that relate to Lee Krasner‘s paintings and find inspiration for your own writing. 

Lee Krasner was one of the most important women artists of the twentieth century. Although her paintings often defy a narrative reading, she was sometimes driven by phrases from poems, she transcribed a line from Rimbaud’s ‘A Season in Hell’ – What Beast Must I Adore? – in bold black crayon on her studio wall and was fascinated by the shapes of letters and symbols. 

In this workshop we'll read poems by Rimbaud, Richard Howard and others, in an attempt to find the ways the written word influenced Krasner’s imagery. You'll also have an opportunity to visit the current exhibition to find inspiration for your own poems informed by Krasner’s work. 

Running time: 11am-5pm 


photo of lee krasner in her own studio

Watch: Lee Krasner In Her Own Words


American painter Lee Krasner on her own career and her practice.

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