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ReRites: Human and AI poetry

Life Rewired Hub Vitrines

How quickly and successfully can an AI create poetry? Can humans keep up or compete?

ReRites is a human and artificial intelligence poetry generation project designed by digital poet David Jhave Johnston, and this participatory performance invites us to see just how poetic AI can be.

Poet Emily Critchley and audience members will read on-screen poetry written by an AI at the rate that the machine writes, often at inhumanly rapid speeds, and often bewildering and mystifying. Consider what the poet of the future looks like as you witness human performers take on an evocative, infinite deep-learning muse.

This event is part of the Totem residency hosted by artist, academic and curatorial advisor for the Life Rewired season – Chris Salter.

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A season exploring what it means to be human when technology is changing everything


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