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Marjorie Prime (12A)

+ Rick Edwards and Dr Michael Brooks

Tim Robbins and Jon Hamm sitting across from each other around a table

Part of Life Rewired – highlighting the dangers and wonders of technology

When Marjorie, an 85 year old widow, exhibits the first signs of Alzheimer's, her family gift her a hologram service called Prime which creates life-like projections of deceased family members. But as she feeds stories into the hologram of her dead husband, Walter, embellishments and discrepancies creep into the narrative and her family become increasingly worried about the effects.

This film explores of the relationship between human memory, mortality and technology. 

Rick Edwards (presenter of T4, Tool Academy, Impossible) and Dr Michael Brooks – presenters of the hit podcast Science(ish) – will be on stage after the film to discuss the issues raised. Their latest book, Hollywood Wants to Kill You: The Science of Death in the Movies will be on sale in the foyer following the screening and Rick and Michael will be signing.

US 2017 Dir Michael Almereyda 99 min

Age recommendation 14yrs+

Rick Edwards is a writer and a television presenter. He is the host of BBC1’s quiz !mpossible. Rick has a Natural Sciences degree from Cambridge but only dimly recalls it.


Dr Michael Brooks is an author, journalist and consultant for New Scientist. His biggest accomplishment to date is not the PhD in Quantum Physics – it’s writing Rick’s favourite popular science book, 13 Things That Don’t Make Sense.

‘The sci-fi chamber drama Marjorie Prime is exquisite — beautiful, intense, shivering with empathy.‘

Part of Life Rewired

A season exploring what it means to be human when technology is changing everything

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