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The Invisible Man

Fertility Fest


A unique evening which shines a spotlight on the male experience of infertility. 

Thomas Webb presents an extract from his ground-breaking documentary in which six men talk candidly to camera about how it really feels to go through fertility treatment as a man. 

Toby Peach performs an unforgettable sample of his award-winning solo show The Eulogy of Toby Peach about the moment he was told he was going to be infertile at the age of 22.

Bob Strawbridge performs work from his latest EP Never Alone, inspired by his and his wife’s long fertility struggle.

Elis Matthews shares the lived experience of a man diagnosed with azoospermia and his unconventional route to parenthood.

Join a Q&A session with the artists and fertility experts Sheryl Homa, Director of Andrology Solutions and Michael Close, Director of LogixX Pharma. Chaired by Sarfraz Manzoor, writer and journalist.

Duration: 2 hours

Supported by LogixX Pharma

Produced in association with Fertility Road Magazine and The Fertility Foundation

Key information

We want Fertility Fest to be as inclusive as possible and this means being sensitive to people with and without children. We are conscious that some people who are struggling to conceive or are involuntarily childless find it difficult to be around children. But we are equally conscious that there are people who have been on a long and complex journey to conceive who want to come to the festival and might not have childcare support. We don’t want anyone to feel excluded.

With this in mind, we therefore ask that if you would like to or need to bring children / babes in arms to the event or you find it particularly difficult to be around children then please contact us at [email protected] ahead for a chat about how to give you the best experience on the day and make sure we can positively address all people’s feelings and needs.

Part of Life Rewired

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A look back at the trailer for Fertility Fest 2018, ahead of further announcements about the upcoming 2019 festival.

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