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Digital Socialism in the age of Big Data

With Evgeny Morozov and Brian Eno


Should the AI systems that use our data and govern our society be held accountable for their decisions? Evgeny Morozov and Brian Eno address this pertinent question with New Left Review.

Programmed to coincide with the Barbican’s AI: More than Human exhibition and the publication of Evgeny Morozov’s landmark essay, Digital Socialism?, in the latest issue of New Left Review, the event will see the two participants explore the possibilities (and the many obstacles) for political and economic change in the age of Big Data.

Evgeny Morozov is the author of The Net Delusion (2011) and To Save Everything, Click Here (2013)

Brian Eno is a musician and campaigner

Part of Life Rewired

A season exploring what it means to be human when technology is changing everything


photo of a man looking at the camera

Watch: Yuri Suzuki on the electronic synthesizer of the future

Japanese sound designer Yuri Suzuki reimagines Raymond Scott's sixty-year-old electronic sequencer machine as a piece of music software that uses artificial intelligence to compose music.

Mirai Moriyama & Alter

More than Human Chatbot

Can AI get lonely? Our More than Human chatbot seems to think so. Start up a conversation with it now to discuss the big issues surrounding AI, and stop its lonely bot-heart from breaking.

photo of suzanne livingston and maholo uchida

What makes us human?



What makes us human? Why do we fear artificial intelligence and robots?

AI: More than Human curators Suzanne Livingston and Maholo Uchida unpack the big questions explored in this interactive exhibition.

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Listen: AI music

Can a computer create its own score? Will bots replace DJs? We open our ears to music that is using artificial intelligence to enhance, shape or inspire their output.

Fountain Room