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Connected Food

Reinvention or more of the same?


Join Method design studio for their open discussion on the future of digitised food network.

Bringing together experts and enthusiasts across industries and fields, the discussion asks how the future of our food web might look and taste. 

Programmed to coincide with our major summer exhibition AI: More than Human, we ask how might we reimagine the systems by which we grow, harvest and distribute food, who will drive its redefinition, and what role will food, people and the planet play in this future?

Panelists include: 

Sam Watson Jones - Co-founder,  Small Robots Company

Richard Anscombe - CEO,  FramFarmers

Lindsay Suddon - Chief Strategy Officer,  Proagrica

Ali Morrow - Principal,  Astanor Ventures

John Oswald - Managing Director London,  Method

Part of Life Rewired

A season exploring what it means to be human when technology is changing everything


photo of suzanne livingston and maholo uchida

What makes us human?



What makes us human? Why do we fear artificial intelligence and robots?

AI: More than Human curators Suzanne Livingston and Maholo Uchida unpack the big questions explored in this interactive exhibition.

photo of a man looking at the camera

Watch: Yuri Suzuki on the electronic synthesizer of the future

Japanese sound designer Yuri Suzuki reimagines Raymond Scott's sixty-year-old electronic sequencer machine as a piece of music software that uses artificial intelligence to compose music.

Mirai Moriyama & Alter

More than Human Chatbot

Can AI get lonely? Our More than Human chatbot seems to think so. Start up a conversation with it now to discuss the big issues surrounding AI, and stop its lonely bot-heart from breaking.

Es Devlin's Poem Portraits

Exploring: AI - More Than Human

In collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, explore the AI: More than Human project page, featuring exhibition highlights, interviews with curators, artists and advisors, artist profiles.

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