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Into the Archive (15*) + panel discussion

Chronic Youth Film Festival 2019

Latifah and Himli's Nomadic Uncle

A special opportunity to see three rare, archival films that tackle diversity through the decades in London.

Spanning the seventies, eighties and nineties, these films encapsulate and preserve the history and diverse culture within the city of London, covering themes still revelant to the contemporary youth experience.

We are delighted to host a panel event with Barbican Young Programmers with directors Alnoor Dewshi, Ruth Novaczek and Menelik Shabazz.

The panel will expand on the importance of recognising and celebrating the power of archival film, and how different eras have and can utilise film as a creative tool to project the voices of youth culture.

Film programme

Step Forward Youth*

Menelik Shabazz’s 1977 political yet playful documentary successfully weaves in the voices of local Brixton youths. This film magnifies their social observations through mediating upon their dreams, aspirations and clothing choices.

UK 1977 Dir Menelik Shabazz 29 min

Latifah and Himli's Nomadic Uncle  

A beautifully poetic and sometimes surreal exploration of the duality between nomadic heritage and the first-generation experience of metropolitan England.

UK 1991 Dir Alnoor Dewshi 15 min

Tea Leaf

The first of many works made by experimental filmmaker Ruth Novaczek. By projecting a range of Super 8 shots on top of one another, Novaczek creates layered and complex visuals to match her candid narration of life as a Jewish woman living in Thatcherite London.

UK 1988 Dir Ruth Novaczek 8 min

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