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An undressed woman waiting to be looked over by a doctor in her hospital room.

A Moon For My Father (15*) + ScreenTalk

A meeting of cinema and sculpture investigates remembrance and reconstruction, putting the trauma of the body in conversation with collective memory.

Shot of woman looking at camera

After the Wave: Je, Tu, Il, Elle (18*)

Chantal Akerman’s stunning debut feature, made when she was just 23, introduces themes – desire, longing, intimacy and alienation – that would last an entire career. 

Shot of two people at the dinner table

After the Wave: A Real Young Girl (18*)

This debut feature by Catherine Breillat rips apart conventional images of adolescent girlhood, showing us instead a real young girl.

Shot of woman with baby

Shubbak: Sofia (15*) + ScreenTalk

Sofia’s unexpected pregnancy comes as a surprise to everyone including Sofia herself – but for a young woman out of wedlock, it requires urgent action: a father’s letter is needed to deliver the baby

Photo of man in mirror

Shubbak Festival: The Blessed (15*)

Sofia Djama’s accomplished debut feature spans 24 hours in the heady Algerian capital – where an inter-connected cast of characters reveal very different imaginations for the country’s future.