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A black and white image of young Bjork kneeling on the ground looking up

The Juniper Tree (15*) + live poetry by Annie Hayter

A young Björk stars in a beautiful tale of witchcraft in the wilds of medieval Iceland, newly restored and accompanied by a live poetry performance.

A young girl looks at the reflection of herself in a mirror

Olivia (15*) + Introduction

Queer passions run deep in a French finishing school in Jacqueline Audry’s remarkable adaptation of Dorothy Bussy’s novel.

two women talking in a dark room - one wearing a nightgown

Gigi (PG*) + Introduction

Nearly a decade before the Hollywood musical, Jacqueline Audry offered a wittier and more faithful interpretation of Colette’s much-loved novella and delivered a box office smash.

two women sitting in a lounge-like room

Huis Clos (12A*) + Introduction

'Hell is other people' – Jacqueline Audry adapts Jean-Paul Sartre’s play and creates a ruthless yet droll, splendidly acted vision of humanity and the afterlife.