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Unfinished roll

Guildhall students and established artists at the cutting edge of experimental live performance are responding to one of London’s most extraordinary historic sites, The Charterhouse

For Unfinished this year, Nell Catchpole and Jan Hendrickse have curated a series of live performance interventions that subtly change the perception of this historic building.  Working with its sense of permanence, peace and seclusion in contrast to the surrounding urban environment, the artists make use of the natural light, material and acoustic properties of the site.  Paying attention to time and duration, the event will evolve throughout the day and into the evening, alongside the regular routines of The Charterhouse residents.  You are invited to encounter these contemplative and playful interventions in your own time as you journey through the site’s many spaces. 
The Charterhouse is an extraordinary historic site that has been living the nation’s history since 1348. In that time it has served as a monastery, private mansion, boys school, and an almshouse, which it remains to this day.  

Part of Barbican OpenFest

As part of Culture Mile Network, The Charterhouse represents one of sixteen organisations based in and around the area that is playing a critical role in realising the ambitions of Culture Mile alongside the five core partners.


photo of students at guildhall

Watch: The Tale of Januarie - homegrown opera at Guildhall

'The Tale of Januarie' was the first opera to be written in Middle English and received its world-premiere in the spring term. Our cameras went behind the scenes and followed the action as the production brought together almost the entire School.

photo of students form the guildhall at the barbican centre

Watch: BA Performance & Creative Enterprise at Guildhall

The Performance and Creative Enterprise degree at Guildhall is aimed at artists from a range of music and theatre backgrounds who want to develop their performance, production, collaboration and leadership skills for employment in the arts industry.

The Charterhouse