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The Art of Change Shorts

Part of The Smalls Film Festival

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See how filmmakers demonstrate the power of art to respond to, reflect and potentially effect change on screen in this series of short films, documentaries and animations. 

Produced in collaboration with The Smalls, we invited twelve filmmakers, working across different film styles and backgrounds, to create a series of short films complementing our annual theme, The Art of Change.  

In this special screening as part of The Smalls Film Festival, watch the series so far and join us for a Q&A with some of the filmmakers including Helen Plumb (Feminism - A Prickly Subject), Bertil Nilsson (Finding Your Voice), Lexi Kiddo (LGBTQ+ - In My Dreams I See Volcanoes) and Amanda Eliasson (Censorship - Squareface), as they discuss the making of their short films and consider how art can be a vehicle for change through their filmmaking. 

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Censorship // Squareface
UK 2018 Dir Amanda Eliasson 2min

DIY Art // Figs in Wigs 
UK 2018 Dir Jon Oldmeadow 2min

Feminism // A Prickly Subject
UK 2018 Dir Helen Plumb 4min

Disability // What's the worst that could happen?
UK 2018 Dir Jenny Jokela 2min

Finding Your Voice 
UK 2018 Dir Bertil Nilsson 3min

Climate Change 
UK 2018 Dir Sois de Traca 3min

Community // DYSTOPIA
UK 2018 Dir Richard Dixon Wheatley 3min

LGBT // In My Dreams I See Volcanoes
UK 2018 Dir Lexi Kiddo 2min

Part of The Art of Change

Our 2018 season explores how the arts respond to, reflect and potentially effect change in the social and political landscape.

About The Smalls

Founded in 2006 in London, UK, The Smalls Film Festival has been championing independent filmmaking and creative people for over a decade, making it an essential destination for filmmakers from across the globe. With a one-of-a-kind mix of fresh talent and Academy Award winners, their 17,000+ strong community of filmmakers come together once a year for the most dynamic, hustle-and-bustle week in the short film industry.

The theme of this year's The Smalls Film Festival is Fighting for 50/50 in Film. The Smalls Film Festival 2018 will curate and nurture women in film; from scripts with strong female leads to kickass female talents behind the camera. The Smalls buck the industry trend with women making up 80 percent of their workforce, and they want to use their platform to raise up others. 

This year’s The Smalls Film Festival, Fighting for 50/50 in Film, will take place 7–10 September. 

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