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Georgie Girl (15*) + introduction

Part of: Nevertheless, She Persisted

Georgina Beyer

Not just a first for New Zealand, but the world, Georgina Beyer made history in 1999 when she became the first trans woman to be elected to national office.

It’s hard to imagine a place less likely to elect the first transgender person in the world than the traditionally conservative, and almost entirely white, rural Wairarapa region. But that's where history was made in 1999.

Georgina, who is of Maori descent, grew up on a Taranaki farm, before moving to Wellington, where she worked first as a showgirl, and then as a sex worker. Unhappy in the city, she moved to a small rural town, where she decided to run as a local councillor before rapidly ascending to Parliament.

Through her own observations and the voices of her constituents and neighbours, this insightful documentary reveals the intelligence, charisma and honesty that won over a conservative, rural electorate who made her, in turn, a city councillor, a mayor and a Parliamentarian.

New Zealand 2001 Dirs Annie Goldson, Peter Wells 70 min

Lyall Hakaraia is the owner of Queer East London Arts venue VFD. Originally from Aotearoa, Lyall grew up in the small coastal Northland town of Kororareka. It was in the moving to Auckland to attend Art School in the late 1980's, that they came into contact with the wider queer culture. Living and working in the nightlife community of the city, Lyall was introduced to the Polynesian third gender people of the Fa'afafine who were entertainers in the popular gay nightclubs of the time Alfies and The Staircase.
In searching for identity in both Auckland and Wellington, Lyall realised that New Zealand was not going to be able to provide the diverse cultural stimulus needed to support their curiosity and moved to London in the early 1990's. 
Georgie Beyer was a huge figure in the underground queer Polynesian community of the time and she and Lyall were part of a small and close-knit scene that socialised, entertained and partied together while looking to find their own unique voices in a predominantly white cultural and sexual landscape.

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#ShePersisted Zine

Illustration of Georgina Beyer

#ShePersisted Zine: Georgina Beyer

Inspired by documentary Georgie Girl – about the world's first trans MP, Georgina Beyer – Cause & Effect zine chair a discussion in response: talking trans visibility, the treachery of 'firsts' and how to bring outsider politics to the mainstream. 

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Young Reviewer Jessa previews our feminist film festival, 'Nevertheless, She Persisted: Suffrage, cinema and beyond', and shares her favourite stories of the featured trailblazing women who've fought for equality.

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Inspired by the 100-year anniversary of the first women gaining the right to vote in the UK, we present a timely season of feature films and documentaries that look at women’s rebellious and often dangerous strides towards equality.

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