Georgie Girl (15*) + introduction

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Georgina Beyer

Not just a first for New Zealand, but the world, Georgina Beyer made history in 1999 when she became the first trans woman to be elected to national office.

It’s hard to imagine a place less likely to elect the first transgender person in the world than the traditionally conservative, and almost entirely white, rural Wairarapa region. But that's where history was made in 1999.

Georgina, who is of Maori descent, grew up on a Taranaki farm, before moving to Wellington, where she worked first as a showgirl, and then as a sex worker. Unhappy in the city, she moved to a small rural town, where she decided to run as a local councillor before rapidly ascending to Parliament.

Through her own observations and the voices of her constituents and neighbours, this insightful documentary reveals the intelligence, charisma and honesty that won over a conservative, rural electorate who made her, in turn, a city councillor, a mayor and a Parliamentarian.

New Zealand 2001 Dirs Annie Goldson, Peter Wells 70 min

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