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Naseer Shamma's Quartet: Spirits

Naseer smiling and looking at his oud

Master instrumentalists from Iraq, Pakistan and Spain come together for a mesmerising performance of oud, Flamenco guitar, tabla and sitar.

One of the world’s pre-eminent oud players and composers, revered worldwide, Iraqi Naseer Shamma is a UNESCO Artist for Peace. For Spirits he brings with him three distinguished players from around the world, each experts in their musical traditions and united in their understanding of a transcendental musical language.

Shahbaz Hussain is one of the most promising tabla players of his generation and the recipient of the prestigious ‘Son of Lahore’ award from the Pakistan government. Sitar player Ashraf Sharif Khan, the third son of the legendary Ustad Muhammad Sharif Khan Poonchwala, has inherited a rich musical heritage that stretches back hundreds of years. Completing the quartet line-up is Spanish guitarist Carlos Piñana, from a family synonymous with the Flamenco tradition who has brought this culture to audiences worldwide.

This performance will start at 7.30pm and is expected to finish by 10pm. There will be a short interval in tonight's concert.

Produced by the Barbican in association with MARSM


album cover of naseer shamma's album viaje de las almas

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