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Goodbye, Boys (15*) + intro by Vera Tariverdieva and Stephen Coates + live music by Douglas Dare

Generations: Russian Cinema of Change

A masterpiece commenting on the ill-fated futures of a group of boys on the eve of the WWII, from one of the great lost names in Soviet cinema.

Poetic opening scenes of summer days by the seaside portray three young friends blissfully sinking into shimmering water, completely naive of forthcoming events that will change their world forever. As the boys learn they must fight in World War II, they talk of defending the Motherland, and bid farewell to their parents.

One of the ‘unrehabilitated’ Soviet directors, Mikhail Kalik juxtaposes images of innocent youth against documentary footage of war atrocities, violent destruction and concentration camps.

The score, written by the much-loved Soviet composer Mikael Tariverdiev, sparkles from the opening scenes; its light-hearted tone takes us through the story of young friends and the difficult journey ahead of them.

For this specially commissioned performance, London-based singer-songwriter Douglas Dare will perform a new musical work inspired by Tariverdiev's score on piano.

Soviet Union 1964 Dir Mikhail Kalik 82 min

With the support of Pushkin House.

*This film has been locally classified by the City of London Corporation

Presented in partnership with New East Cinema, a cultural collective bringing contemporary cinema from eastern Europe and beyond to the UK.

In collaboration with Erased Tapes Music

With the support of Pushkin House

Pushkin House


About the speakers

Vera Tariverdieva is a musicologist, president of the Charitable Foundation Mikael Tariverdiyeva, author of the book Biography of Music (about the life and work of Mikael Tariverdiev) and the art director of the International Organ Competition named after Mikael Tariverdiyev.

Stephen Coates is a musician and arts producer. He has released many albums and tours internationally as The Real Tuesday Weld. His arts company Antique Beat have been publishing the music of Mikael Tariverdiev in the West since 2012. It is one of several Russian cultural projects they curate.

Part of The Art of Change

Our 2018 season explores how the arts respond to, reflect and potentially effect change in the social and political landscape.

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