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The Third Orchestra

A woman playing flute and reading a piece of music

Welcome to the first performance of the Third Orchestra

Welcome to the first performances of the Third Orchestra. Emerging from years of exploration and experimention at Club Inégales, and following on from Expect the Unexpected, the Club’s collaboration with the EFG London Jazz Festival in 2017. Directed by Peter Wiegold, the Third Orchestra is an ensemble drawn from a mix of music creators from throughout the world. They transcend generations, gender and cultures.

For reasons beyond their control, Clarence Adoo and Martin Butler have been unable to join the Orchestra on this occasion, but we look forward to welcoming them to future projects.

The Third Orchestra would like to thank the Barbican and the team in the Pit for their support in hosting this week of rehearsal and performance, including the day of workshops with young musicians on  Sunday 17 February.

Please visit the Third Orchestra website to find out much more about the Orchestra’s background and creative impetus, and about its members.


Antonio Romero percussion
Alice Zawadzki voice/violin
Alina Bzhezhinska harp
Byron Wallen trumpet
Colin Alexander cello
Cheng Yu pipa and guqin
Diane McLoughlin saxophones
Hanna Mbuya bass trombone/tuba
Hyelim Kim taegŭm flute
Ifeoluwa Ogunjobi trumpet
Jaak Soo
äär guitar
Matthew Bourne piano, moog
Max Baillie violin
Preetha Narayanan violin
Rihab Asar oud
Shri Sriram bass/flute
Shima Kobayashi harmonica
Simon Limbrick percussion
Ursula Rucker performance poet

Wang Xiao erhu                                                                                                                            

Peter Wiegold musical director/curator
Ellie Geller project manager
Chris Lewis sound
Roland Denning filming


The Third Rail (11.11)
The Holy Night (In God's ear)
Oh Black Orpheus
The Distorted Mirror


Love Far Away (Adio Querida)
Yu Zhen   
Premonition of the Space Between (I will write my blues into submission)
The Poisonous Fire
(crack it open)                                               

Partners and supporters

Hodge jones & allen solicitors
Brunel University London
Club inegales
Guildhall School-
Arts Council England
RVW Trust

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