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Jean Dubuffet: Brutal Beauty

a Jean Dubuffet painting featuring white, red and blue abstract shapes

Learn more about the life and work of French artist Jean Dubuffet, the subject of our summer exhibition Jean Dubuffet: Brutal Beauty in this series of articles, videos and podcasts.

Painting of a shirtless man standing on a large sea shell on the sea, with a bright blue sky background

Me, Headway, Dubuffet and art brut

Submit to Love Studios member Chris Miller shares the impact art has had on his life following his stroke, and reflects on the work of Dubuffet and art brut.  

Brightly coloured illustration with swirls
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From Art Brut to Outsider Art

A Little History of Art Beyond the (So-Called) Mainstream - Charlotte Flint explores the origins of Dubuffet’s phrase ‘Art Brut’, its impact on art history, the different artists whose work he collected, alongside the importance of ‘Art Brut’ today.


A Dubuffet Love-In with Adam Green

Musician Adam Green joins curator Eleanor Nairne for a special evening discussing his 2016 film, Aladdin, his favourite artworks and Dubuffet's influence on his creativity. 

black and white photo of jean dubuffet smiling against some sort of wall with giant black lines
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Introducing Jean Dubuffet

Not familiar with Monsieur Dubuffet? Don’t fear, as our Research Assistant and resident Dubuffet expert Camille Houzé has written a brief biography about the artist’s life and times.