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A Dubuffet Love-In with Adam Green

Jean Dubuffet: Brutal Beauty

30 Jul 2021
60 min watch

Musician Adam Green joins curator Eleanor Nairne for a special evening discussing his 2016 film, Aladdin, his favourite artworks and Dubuffet's influence on his creativity. 

About the artist

Adam Green is an artistic polymath – a songwriter, filmmaker, visual artist, and poet. A co-founder of The Moldy Peaches and author of ten solo-albums, his songs have been performed by artists as diverse as The Libertines, Carla Bruni, Kelly Willis, Dean & Britta, and Will Oldham. Green’s paintings and sculptures have been the subject of exhibitions in America, Asia and Europe, including a 2016 show at the Fondation Beyeler Museum in Basel, Switzerland. He wrote and directed the feature film The Wrong Ferarri (2010), the first feature film shot entirely on an iPhone, and Adam Green's Aladdin (2016) which Buzzfeed described as 'the trippiest movie ever made.' In recent years Green has published a graphic novel War and Paradise (2019, Pioneer Works) and an animated epic poem MDVL: 1,000 Years of Dark Ages (2020, Spheres Projects).

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