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The Art of Change

Subject to Change 2019

13 people standing in a line along an orange wall, talking and laughing

What do we know today, and what are the unknowns of tomorrow? Subject to Change invites twelve young poets to speak to our changing world, one for every month of 2018.

The poets are:

Katie Hale
Jeremiah 'Sugar J' Brown
Laurie Ogden
Kareem Parkins-Brown
Zahrah Sheikh
Anita Barton-Williams
Annie Hayter
Corey Peterson
Eleanor Penny
Leke Oso Alabi
Gabriel Jones
Bella Cox 

Subject to Change aims to reflect the shifting landscapes of the present through the timeless art of poetry. Each month a poet picks a topical subject and writes a poem that provides their own personal reflection on the issue.

Barbican Young Poets is one of the most successful programmes run by Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning. You can download the most recent anthology, An Orchestra of Feather and Bone here

Part of our 2018 Season, The Art of Change, which explores how artists respond to, reflect and can potentially effect change in the social and political landscape. 

Subject to Change offers young artists the opportunity to express their views on current events. As with all the work the Barbican programmes, our relationship with the artists involved in Subject to Change does not extend to political issues, or imply sympathy with their personal views or those of anyone associated with them


Subject to Change: 'Harsh' by Leke Oso Alabi

The latest in the Subject to Change poetry series, Young Poet Leke Oso Alabi presents his poem 'Harsh'. 

photo of katie hale

Subject to Change: 'Honey' by Katie Hale

Our January poem comes from Katie Hale, as she performs her poem, 'Honey' - because what better way to interrogate a word than with a poem? Read our interview with Katie for more about her poem and how poetry can be a powerful vehicle for change.

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