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Young Barbican Nights: AI: More than Human


An exclusive Young Barbican night exploring what the future of AI holds

A thought-provoking evening where Young Barbican members explore the world of artificial intelligence with exclusive after-hours access to AI: More than Human. This forward-thinking exhibition invites you to create poetry with an AI, play a video game set in a futuristic Barbican, dance with avatars and discover what the future has is store.

As part of the evening experimental event collective Guerilla Science present a feast for the senses, including open discussions, workshops and a film installation, Escape to Reality, all of which explore our perception of reality and consciousness that will raise more questions than answers.

We also have three of our Young Creatives responding to themes from the exhibition, presenting an immersive docu-drama looking at future cities, an AI sound-installation and a humorous edit of a Trump rally.


Creative Team

Guerilla Science founded by Jen Wong and Mark Rosin, connects audiences with science by designing experiences that inspire, challenge and amaze. Based in London and New York, They work with a diverse set of clients, from Glastonbury Festival and Burning Man to Kensington Palace and the Smithsonian. All of their projects involve collaborations with practising scientists - developing everything from games and workshops to dining events and theatre.

Harry Wakeling is a Graphic Designer/Artist with an interest in new technologies and the built environment. For his piece, Harry has edited an episode of 'Fox & Friends', in which the presenters conducted an interview with President Trump. Trump's words were generated from an AI bot that analysed footage of him talking at rallies, converted into speech from a separate AI model trained to mimic his voice. The idea was to make it humorous by overdubbing the footage with gibberish, however Harry soon found that the edit made him sound more rational than before. 

Maisie Linford is a writer and artist. In 2018, as a member of the Barbican Young Visual Arts Group she curated Common Ground. Her installation Window Shop installation combined the stories of retailers on Columbia Road with objects from their stores, to explore the role of the artist in gentrification. At the Barbican Open Fest she hosted a zine making workshops looking at place and collective memory. Following this she co-founded Concrete Assembly, an arts collective curating interdisciplinary exhibitions and events. She is currently living in Northern Ireland and has produced media projects examining the role of art in society looking at issues around place in a post-conflict society and Brexit. 

This is an original piece that combines archival material from the Barbican and research into Sidewalk Labs new smart city in Toronto to consider the role of technology in the changing nature of the city.
Maisie is a graduate in Comparative Literature from Goldsmiths College, University of London and is pursuing an MA Media and Broadcast Production student at Queen's University, Belfast. 

Pietro Bardini is an award-nominated composer for media and multimedia artist who works with audio-visual installations. His audio works have been used by world leading companies such as PS4 and Allergan. 


Es Devlin's Poem Portraits

Exploring: AI - More Than Human

In collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, explore the AI: More than Human project page, featuring exhibition highlights, interviews with curators, artists and advisors, artist profiles.

photo of Joy Buolamwini with a pink blazer

Watch: AI, Ain't I A Woman? - Joy Buolamwini

Poet of Code shares AI, Ain't I A Woman - a spoken word piece that highlights the ways in which artificial intelligence can misinterpret the images of iconic black women.

Mirai Moriyama & Alter

More than Human Chatbot

Can AI get lonely? Our More than Human chatbot seems to think so. Start up a conversation with it now to discuss the big issues surrounding AI, and stop its lonely bot-heart from breaking.

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