Image of Brutalist Surfaces Ceramics Course in the Barbican Shop by Matt Raw part of Make The New Brutal

Brutal Textures: Sculptural Ceramic Course

Make a ceramic sculpture of your choice inspired by the Brutalist Architecture of the Barbican. Artist Matt Raw leads this unique, month–long course, specially put together for Make! The New Brutal

The Feeling of Being Watched

HRWFF: The Feeling of Being Watched (15*)

When journalist Assia Boundaoui investigates rumours of surveillance in her Arab-American neighbourhood in Chicago, she uncovers one of the largest FBI terrorism probes conducted before 9/11.

Everything Must Fall

HRWFF: Closing Gala: Everything Must Fall (15*) + ScreenTalk

This is the UK premiere of Rehad Desai's unflinching look at the #FeesMustFall student movement that burst onto the South African political landscape in 2015 as a protest over the cost of education.