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Alexander Vedernikov portrait

BBC Symphony Orchestra/Vedernikov

A heartwarming musical trip to cold Russia ending with Rachmaninoff’s most infamous and intoxicating dance with love and death, the unstoppable Paganini Rhapsody.

Image of full orchestra on stage

London Schools Symphony Orchestra: Music from The Dark Side

Prepare yourself for a roller-coaster journey to the dark side of human psychology with London Schools Symphony Orchestra.

A jailer and his assistant helping a prisoner in chains out of cell

BBC Symphony Orchestra: David Lang’s prisoner of the state

Follow one woman’s personal struggle against political oppression in this dark, seething and engrossing new minimalist opera from the co-founder of pioneering new music collective Bang on a Can.

Yuja Wang leaning on Gautier Capucon's shoulder

Gautier Capuçon and Yuja Wang

Chamber music is one of the most intimate experiences that art has to offer – and here two of its finest exponents perform some of the most passionate music ever written for cello and piano.

Mahan Esfahani leaning near hapsichord

Evening in the Palace of Reason: The Musical Offering

May 1747: Frederick the Great, philosopher-king of Prussia, meets composer Johann Sebastian Bach – and challenges him to an unwinnable musical duel. Bach’s Musical Offering is the astonishing result.

Ottavio Dantone sitting

The Art of Fugue: Bach the Craftsman

Bach meant The Art of Fugue to be the pinnacle of his life’s work, and even incomplete, it’s still an unparalleled feat of imagination, intelligence and sheer joy in the act of creation.

Benjamin Appl portrait

Solo Cantatas: Bach and the Divine

Benjamin Appl and the Academy of Ancient Music create an evening that’s both a musical self-portrait of and a deeply moving homage to this most timeless of all composers.

Karen Cargill on Stairs

BBC Symphony Orchestra/Saraste

Experience Shostakovich’s masterpiece of despair, grotesquery and anger from height of World War II and a brand new work from a compelling new voice from Finland.

Igor Levit sitting at piano

Igor Levit plays Shostakovich

A master-pianist meets a 20th-century musical landmark that is simultaneously epic and intimate, fiercely intelligent and profoundly emotional.