Chronic Youth Film Festival 2018

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A weekend of films about girlhood, boyhood and selfhood from around the world. 

From a stellar line-up of short films by African filmmakers, to feature-length stories that range from Occupation-era France to modern-day Missouri, this year’s selection explores the restless, exciting and fraught nature of childhood and adolescence.

With the aim of capturing the fleeting, bittersweet experience that is youth, this daring programme – brought to you by the Barbican Young Programmers – represents a refreshing take on coming-of-age stories.



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Subject to Change: 'Honey' by Katie Hale

Our January poem comes from Katie Hale, as she performs her poem, 'Honey' - because what better way to interrogate a word than with a poem? Read our interview with Katie for more about her poem and how poetry can be a powerful vehicle for change.