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A TOAST Circle Pop-Up in Partnership with Phoebe English

Unravel Public Programme

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Join lifestyle brand, TOAST, to discover a capsule collection created in partnership with fashion designer Phoebe English and participate in a programme of creative textile and repair workshops.

Alongside our exhibition, Unravel: The Power and Politics of Textiles in Art, British lifestyle brand, TOAST, is delighted to present a capsule collection created in partnership with fashion designer Phoebe English. Creative textile workshops guided by TOAST repair specialists and guests including Ekta Kaul and Bridget Harvey, explore themes shared with the exhibition.

TOAST's committed to preserving craftsmanship, creating long-lasting collections from quality materials; each item becoming a treasured piece to keep and pass on. TOAST Circle keeps items in use for longer, championing textiles in all of its forms, one stitch, swap, renewal and donation at a time. Visit the pop-up to connect through clothes swapping, shop their latest Renewed collection, learn techniques for textile repair and donate preloved items to extend their journey.

Event schedule

Due to unforeseen circumstances these events have been postponed. We will update this page when new dates and times and been confirmed. 


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TOAST meets the curators of Unravel

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