Illustration of a Japanese garden

Japanese Innovators

A series of gigs featuring artists from Japanese underground scenes responsible for genre-defining music over the past 40 years.

Pan Daijing sings into a microphone with her head leaned back

Electronic music, natural sounds...

Electronic musicians and producers take their signature ambient and techno sounds down new routes, experimenting with acoustic instrumentation.

Guildhall School Jazz Showcase Autumn 2018

Guildhall Jazz Showcase Autumn 2018

Join students, alumni and professors of the jazz department as they present a diverse range of performances celebrating the very best of jazz today.

Parveen Sultana dinging a song

Darbar Festival 2018

Darbar Festival 2018 brings the best of Indian classical music to the Barbican. Combining breath-taking improvisation with masterful technique this music is designed to stir, thrill and inspire.

Bobby McFerrin

EFG London Jazz Festival 2018

London's finest Jazz festival brings musicians from all over the globe into the capital - from Jazz masters flexing their chops to cutting edge bands making a stir - you'll find it all here.