Lucinda Williams leaning one arm on the counter at a diner

Folk and Americana

Ranging from traditional to Americana and using new instrumentation, contemporary folk music has become more diverse than ever before.

Cover image for Moon

Otherwordly scores

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing, we present two audio-visual concerts of celestial scores.

Kala Ramnath playing violin

Darbar Festival 2019

Darbar Festival brings the best of Indian classical music to the Barbican. Combining breath-taking improvisation with masterful technique, this music is designed to stir, thrill and inspire.

An illustration of Art Ensemble of Chicago performing

EFG London Jazz Festival 2019

London's finest Jazz festival brings musicians from all over the globe into the capital - from Jazz masters flexing their chops to cutting edge bands making a stir - you'll find it all here.