From Mary and the Witch's Flower

FFC: Mary and the Witch's Flower (U)

From Hiromasa Yonebayashi – animator on Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away – comes a dazzling adventure about a young girl, granted magical powers for one night only.

Three people in yellow dancing in Conservatory

The Smalls Film Festival - The Art of Change Shorts

See how filmmakers demonstrate the power of art to respond to, reflect and potentially effect change on screen in this series of short films, documentaries and animations. 

A still from Mitra Tabrizian's debut Gholam

London Nights: Gholam (15)

Haunted by his past and with an uncertain future, Gholam gets involved in the conflict of a total stranger and sees it through to the very end.

Acceptable Levels

Television Will Be Revolutionised: Acceptable Levels + panel

The first feature to be made under the Workshop Declaration, Acceptable Levels is a meditation on the ethics of film-making, and a powerful critique of the media.

The Giant Pear

FFC: The Giant Pear (U)

Adapted from a Danish children's book, this bright, bouncy and wonderfully endearing adventure follows a scared elephant and a brave cat as they meet pirates, boffins and ghosts galore.

Filming Welcome to the Spiv Economy

Farewell to the Welfare State + Welcome to the Spiv Economy

A double-bill of abrasively radical films by two workshops – Trade Films and Newsreel Collective – with strong links to local labour movements.

Handsworth Songs

Television Will Be Revolutionised: Handsworth Songs + shorts

A trio of films by left, feminist and black workshops, including Handsworth Songs, the celebrated film essay on race and disorder in Britain.