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Landrián (12A)

Cinema Restored x Open City Documentary Festival

A crop of a film reel, depicting three black and white images of a man looking through a film camera that is mounted on a tripod. The central image has a bullet hole in it.

"Landrián" is a revealing documentary uncovering the lost narrative of Nicolás Guillén Landrián, Cuba's pioneering black filmmaker.

 The film delves into the suppression of Landrián's work by the Cuban Revolution, highlighting the dark truths surrounding censorship. 

Nicolás Guillén Landrián emerged as Cuba's inaugural black filmmaker in the 1960s, yet his distinct style clashed with the Cuban authorities, leading to censorship, imprisonment, and exile. 

With Landrián's film negatives on the brink of oblivion in 2019, the film’s director, Ernesto Daranas Serrano, embarked on a mission to restore these neglected treasures and crafted a documentary shedding light on Landrián's visionary films and the injustices he endured.

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