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Queer 90s

Cinema from a Decade of Radical Change

A colourful image showing two women dancing, in multiple colours

This Pride Month, explore queer representation in 1990s cinema from around the world – films that changed how LGBTQ+ people were seen on screen, forever. 

The 1990s was a history-changing period for queer people. While some countries shook off the queerphobia of past decades to take steps towards greater queer liberation, artists in other countries took great risks to celebrate LGBQT+ lives against repressive legislation. 

Queer 90s explores how filmmakers told new, exciting stories about LGBTQ+ people, casting away clichéd coming out stories and tales of queer misery and villainy to create unforgettable tales suggesting a different future may be possible. Through cinema from Austria, China, Cuba, Germany, Guinea, India, Japan and Spain, the films in Queer 90s shows flawed, unapologetically queer characters in a decade of great change. Queer cinema would never be the same again. 


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