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War of The Worlds (12A) + Presentation by Philip Ball

Science on Screen

War of The Worlds

Steven Spielberg reunites with Tom Cruise for this adaptation of HG Wells’ sci-fi classic, and Philip Ball talks to us about whether there is actually anything out there.

For our latest Science on Screen we present War of The Worlds (2005). This screening is followed by a presentation in which Philip Ball compares the evolving scientific understanding of the likelihood of alien life forms, with the public perception of aliens.

What starts off as a divorced father (Cruise) looking after his children (Dakota Fanning) for the weekend, turns in to what could be the end of the world. Steven Spielberg's big budget epic is a contemporary adaptation of H. G. Wells' classic novel, bringing it into the present day whilst preserving the original paranoia and humanity. 

Whether is it you first or fiftieth watch, gaze upon this canonical piece and explore with Philip Ball (author of The Beauty of Chemistry: Art, Wonder, and Science) whether we are alone in the universe, or if there is something out there after all.

USA 2005 dir Steven Spielberg 112 min

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