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Members' Night Photography Workshop

Members' Event

The Barbican Centre at night time.

Take your photography to the next level with this technical skills workshop focusing on capturing atmospheric scenes at night and low light.

Photographer Anthony Palmer will provide guided assistance to help you to capture beautiful shots of the Barbican from sunset through to the night.

The workshop will begin just before sunset, to give you time to set up any equipment you might have for various lighting conditions and to notice how the light shifts from day to night. Anthony will explain how to use different techniques useful for low light and night photography, such as manual exposure and white balance. We'll explore different locations to put into practice the range of camera settings, such as the high walks to capture car light trails using long exposure and street lamps casting eerie light over the Brutalist architecture.

After the workshop, you'll be equipped with new skills to take forward into future night photography endeavours.

A tripod is recommended for this workshop.

The session is open to all levels.

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