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Lucinda Williams

+ L.A. Edwards

Black and white photo of Lucinda Williams wearing a black suede tassel jacket, arm aloft to her head

After forty years of music making, Louisiana-born Lucinda Williams returns with a new album, Good Souls Better Angels, marking a return to the gritty blues that inspired her in the late 1970s.

Williams performs the most topical album of her pioneering career, confronting the dangerous world we live in, the constant barrage of frightening news cycles, depression, domestic abuse, a man without a soul – and the devil – a figure who features prominently among the record's twelve track.

While Good Souls Better Angels reflects many dark realities that surround us, the album is tied together with themes of perseverance, resilience and ultimately, hope. As she reflects in the luminous track 'Good Souls', "Keep me with all of those/who help me find strength/when I’m feeling hopeless/who guide me along/And help me stay strong and fearless.”

Lucinda Williams’s last sold-out Barbican show in July 2019 saw her performing the critically acclaimed masterpiece Car Wheels On A Gravel Road in its entirety.

Support comes from 
L.A. Edwards.

Running time

19:30-20:10 L.A. Edwards           

20:10-20:30  Interval                                                           

20:30-22:00 Lucinda Williams      

Produced by the Barbican. 


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