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Soundhub members John Aulich, Liam Dougherty, Tonia Ko and Kate Milligan present fresh and exciting new works developed in collaboration with LSO musicians.

Fragility is uncertain, but it contains all the possibility of the unknown. At the same time fragility is beautiful, in the way that we resist and appreciate it. To have faith in fragility means that the boundaries between things are tenuous at best. The passing of time is uncontrollable, but music can provide a pathway to mark the moment. With every fracture, a new idea emerges.

Enjoy sounds from the cutting-edge of contemporary as Kate Milligan blends time and temporality with an active sculptural work. Feel sound course through your bones with John Aulich’s intense piece of music that exists at the edges of human experience. Discover a desert love story as Tonia Ko explores the dichotomy of intimacy and distance. And feel the magnitude of Liam Dougherty's abstract and psychoacoustic phenomena on destruction.

Soundhub is a composer-led resource, responding directly to the needs of those using it: a supportive framework for artists to try out new ideas, develop existing work and benefit from peer-to-peer networking and support.

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