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Finding Christa + A String of Pearls (15*)

The Films of Camille Billops and James Hatch

A woman stands in front of a window by a bike and film reels in a Still from Finding Christa.

From the great American documentarians, two films that sit in dialogue about missing family members, from lost daughters to absent fathers, and how their non-existence can affect lives.

Through A String of Pearls,  Billops, having explored the women in her family and the importance of female relationships, turns her focus to the men, focusing on multiple generations of men in her family and their experiences of urban violence, unemployment and the absence of fathers in their lives.

In the extremely personal work Finding Christa, Billops explores why she gave up her daughter for adoption, through conversations with her now adult daughter Christa, and their extended family networks.

These films are part of The Films of Camille Billops and James Hatch series, fresh from its run earlier this year in BAM, Brooklyn. These restorations allow new audiences to explore the long difficult to access films that playfully and daringly tackle sexuality, cultural theft, Black masculinity, and class.

A String of Pearls (2002) 2K Digitisation, 56 min
Finding Christa (1991) 2K Digitisation, 55 min


This event will showcase films rated 15. They show descriptions of instances of domestic violence, police violence, physical abuse towards children, addiction and sex/sexuality.

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