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Meat (18*) + Introduction   

Eat The Screen

Still from Meat

Step inside one of America’s largest meat processing works.  

In 1976, the great American documentarian Frederick Wiseman visited the Monfort Meat Packing Company in Colorado to observe ‘animal fabrication’ – the process by which cattle and sheep become consumer commodities. 

The film he brought back tracks the animals’ entire journey from feedlot to hamburger patty, taking in the packing plant, salesroom and back-office. The slaughterhouse scenes are graphic, but this is no outraged exposé: it is a clear-eyed account of the making, selling and marketing of the meat that so many of us eat every day. 

Tonight’s screening is introduced for us by Rob Percival, Head of Food Policy at the Soil Association, and author of The Meat Paradox: Eating, Empathy and the Future of Meat (Little, Brown, 2023). 

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US 1976 Dir Frederick Wiseman 113 min 16mm/digital 

Trigger Warning: this film contains graphic scenes of real animal slaughter.

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