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Come Back Anytime (U*) + Short  

Eat The Screen

A smiling man stands in an open kitchen in a restaurant in front of customers in a still from Come Back Any Time

A properly heart-warming film about the role of food, and restaurants, in creating community.

For over forty years, Masamoto Ueda and his wife Kazuko have been serving delicious soy-based ramen from their tiny restaurant in a quiet corner of Tokyo. In that time, they have attracted scores of devoted customers who all love the delicious food – and the warm welcome. 

For Masamoto, the restaurant has given him purpose beyond a mere livelihood: it has made a life. Some regulars have become friends, spending weekends at his small market garden, and accompanying him on trips to harvest bamboo shoots, and wild mountain yams. Now, as Masamoto contemplates retirement, everyone resolves to truly appreciate this special place, food and community of friends, before it is gone forever.  

Screening beforehand, the short film Fugetsu-do profiles the much-loved Japanese-American sweet shop in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. 

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Japan 2021 Dir John Daschbach 81 min digital 
US 2020 Dir Kaia Rose 13 min digital  

Please note: This event is HOH captioned – there will be text description of significant sound effects as well as dialogue. 

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