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Wan Pipel (15*) + Q&A with Jonathan Ali and Ananta Khemradj

Cinema Restored

A man holds a woman whilst she looks out on a porch.

A young couple in Suriname is tested by the expectations of society and traditions in this timeless 1976 love story about finding your place in the world. 

Wan Pipel is a compelling drama set in the vibrant backdrop of Suriname. The story follows the lives of Roy, a young man studying in the Netherlands, and Rubia, a Surinamese woman struggling with societal expectations. Roy returns to his homeland to reconnect with his cultural roots but is faced with the challenges of adapting to a world he left behind. As he becomes entangled in a passionate affair with Rubia, their love is put to the test by cultural differences and the weight of tradition.

Directed by Pim de la Parra, this film beautifully captures the clash between modernity and tradition, personal desires and societal norms. Wan Pipel is a timeless exploration of love, identity, and the universal struggle to find one's place in the world.

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1976, Suriname, 1976, dir Pim de la Parra


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