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Non-Aligned Film Archives present: Unknown Suriname / Dja Dja Srnaam (Cineclub Vrijheidsfilms & LOSON)

Cinema Restored

Unknown Suriname / Dja Dja Srnaam

This screening is centered around the recently restored 1978 documentary Women of Suriname (Oema foe Sranan).

Produced by the activist film collective Cineclub Vrijheidsfilms and LOSON (The National Organisation of Surinamese Organisations in the Netherlands) in the period shortly after Suriname’s independence, the film follows four women who, through their personal stories, reveal a history of neo-colonialism, imperialism and discrimination in Suriname and the Netherlands.

The film was rediscovered in 2019 during an archival research project of the 16mm film distribution collection of Cineclub Vrijheidsfilms, situated at the International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam.

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Non-Aligned Film Archives is an ongoing project curated by researchers and archivists Léa Morin and Annabelle Aventurin in collaboration with Open City Documentary Festival. The project aims to create a space to share films that have been marginalised from dominant cinematic narratives. Each session revolves around a single lost work that is instead invoked through other films that have survived.

Presented by the researcher and filmmaker Luna Hupperetz and the actress, singer and former member of LOSON Nadia Tilon. Q&A moderated by Annabelle Aventurin.


In The Sky’s Wild Noise

Victor Jara’s Collective1983, 29 min, Guyana

The second and final film by The Victor Jara Collective, In the Sky’s Wild Noise features the late historian and activist Walter Rodney. A self-styled “guerrilla intellectual” whose thinking influenced the black power movements in the US and the Caribbean, Rodney was assassinated by a car bomb in Guyana in 1980.

A Battle Restored

2022, 17 min, Netherlands

Following the restoration of the Women of Suriname, A Battle Restored explores the stories of activism and struggle that enabled the production and distribution of this militant documentary.


Oema foe Sranan (Women of Suriname)

At Van Praag, 1978, Netherlands & Suriname

Women of Suriname is a documentary by the activist film collective Cineclub Vrijheidsfilms and LOSON, made in the context of Suriname's independence from the Netherlands.

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