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Writing Migration

Postwar Modern: New Art in Britain: 1945-1965

Avinash Chandra, Early Figures, 1961

Postwar Modern features the work of many artists who moved to Britain as refugees from Nazism, in the bloody aftermath of India's Partition or as part of the 'Windrush Generation'.

Three authors, Colin Grant, Phillipe Sands and Ian Sanjay Patel, discuss their personal experience of writing about postwar migration, imperialism and British identity, as well as their personal reflections of the exhibition.



a Franciszka Themerson painting

Postwar Modern: Artist Spotlight

Curatorial Assistant Michal Goldschmidt introduces four artists from the exhibition: Anwar Jalal Shemza, Franciszka Themerson, Kim Lim and Shirley Baker. Drawing from their own writings, she shines a light on their life and work.

Frobisher Auditorium 2