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Cow (12A)

Relaxed Screening

A still from Andrea Arnold's Cow, with a black and white cow in the dark looking at the camera

This simple documentary by Andrea Arnold (American Honey, Fish Tank) follows the life of a dairy cow, named Luma, from birth.

Filmed over years, what transpires is the slow yet eventful life of an animal both familiar and mysterious.

Arnold forces us to understand Luma’s life from the cow’s own perspective, from eating, procreating and sleeping, to the infrequent, but often invasive, presence of human beings. Arnold doesn’t force the point, but it’s easy to empathise with Luma. It’s a rather beautiful portrait of animal life, especially for an animal that doesn’t often get a lot of attention, but one whose life we, as humans, profoundly shape.

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UK 2021 Dir Andrea Arnold 94 min

Please note, this film contains scenes which viewers may find upsetting. 


How is this a relaxed screening?

A relaxed event takes place in an environment that is specially tailored for a neurodiverse audience, as well as those who find a more informal setting beneficial. 

The cinema environment is tailored to the needs of the audience.

For this screening:

- The lights are dimmed, though not off.

- The volume levels a little lower than usual.

- At the moment, you have to stay in assigned seats, because of Covid-19 safety measures, but you're free to enter and exit the cinema at any time, with easy access for any wheelchair users.

- You're free to make noise in these screenings. 

- Staff are trained and ready to assist with any help you or other audience members may need while you're at the cinema at Barbican.

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