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Radical Roots: An Ecosomatics and Rewilding Workshop

Image of a bush with lots of bright orange flowers

Join ecosomatics educator Kalpana Arias for a workshop on rewilding with ecosomatics – a practice to connect the body and ecological consciousness.

Research shows the importance of nature connection for individual and planetary wellbeing, yet wild places are in rapid decline. Direct human-nature interaction plays a critical role in creating opportunities for new wildness by restoring our connection to the land around us - working with nature rather than against it. In this workshop, you'll be introduced to ecosomatics, its methodology, and practice to take these tools wherever you grow. You will learn how to:

  • find your sensory roots through somatic development
  • connect to your body to build nature connectedness, community, resilience and solidarity
  • open up a dialogue between body and land to rewild yourself and urban environments