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De Cierta Manera (12A*) + Introduction by Professor Oscar Guardiola Rivera

Other Modernisms, Other Futures

A still from De Cierta Manera

A stunning example of politically engaged cinema, Sara Gómez masterfully incorporates music, documentary and newsreels into a complex portrayal of life in post-revolution Cuba.

Her film draws from a multitude of voices to explore the experiences of urban communities, capturing their dreams and aspirations, which serve as a mirror for the contradictions and turmoils of life after the revolution.

Sara Gómez would tragically pass away at 31, shortly before the film was completed, leaving it to be finished and released three years later. The work stands as a legacy to her artistry and remains a fascinating film, eluding categorisation. Its radicality can be seen in the way in which Gomez addresses questions of racial identity, gender and class through a formal approach which radiates with energy, anger and passion.

The screening is introduced by writer and professor of law, Professor Oscar Guardiola Rivera

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Cuba 1974 Dir Sara Gómez 78 min Digital Presentation

Oscar Guardiola Rivera is an award-winning writer, Professor of Philosophy & Human Rights at Birkbeck College, University of London. His recent work includes the poetic novella  “Night of the World”, the first part of a trilogy published in 2020 by The87 Press,  'Letter to a Young Climate Activist' and 'Kingdom Risen, Kingdom Fallen', commissioned by the Royal Literary Fund, published in 2021 by WritersMosaic.

photo of b ruby rich

ScreenTalks Archive: B Ruby Rich

In this conversation from June 2017, New Queer Cinema champion, feminist film critic, educator and agitator, B. Ruby Rich introduces Sara Gomez’s 1974 film, 'De Cierta Manera', a study of the interplay of race, class and gender. 

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