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Other Modernisms, Other Futures: Global Art Cinema 1960-80

A still from De Cierta Manera

Too often histories of cinematic modernism – the flowering of innovation and risk-taking in film in the 1960s and 70s – begin and end in the West. 

In fact, in this period filmmakers around the world were forging new modes of expression, influenced by local traditions and the sights and sounds of modern life, and in dialogue with cinema as it was evolving in Europe and North America. Rather than one modernist art cinema, we might speak of an array of modernisms. None are derivative – they may supersede their Euro-American models, or, indeed, work in opposition to them.

This same period was one of revolution, anti-imperialist struggle, and of nation-building. Across the world, modernist filmmakers thought of their films as interventions in contemporary social, political, or ideological debates, as a contribution towards new possibilities, new futures and new worlds. 

This season samples a cross-section of this filmmaking.