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Little Treasures Shorts Programme from LIAF (U) (LC)

Family Film Club

My Mum is an Aeroplane

The London International Animation Festival is back with a special Easter screening for Family Film Club.

We’ve been digging around in our archives and have discovered some little treasures, full of joy from all around the world. There’ll be talking animals, seriously fun adventures and wondrous tales to spark those little imaginations.

Read the full exciting programme below.

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LC = Locally classified


The Planets
Twelve planets, twelve adventures – all you ever need to know about life, death and music.
UK 2013 Dir Andy Martin 12 min
My Mum is an Aeroplane
Different people have different mothers. Mother musicians, Mother animal doctors, even Mother construction workers. But my Mother is an Aeroplane.
US/Russia 2013 Dir Yulia Aronova 6 min
Big Hands

In the city of Shanghai all the people have very big hands – except for one very special person who has tiny ones.
China 2012 Dir Lei Lei 9 min
The Smortlybacks
Dazzling. A hilarious herd of smortly little creatures that just love to work as a team, even if they can be a bit clumsy sometimes.
China/Switzerland 2013 Dir Ted Sieger and Wouter Dierickx 6 min

Choir Tour
A world-famous boys’ choir goes on tour. In the hands of their conductor they are obedient but when he gets trapped in an elevator they become playful children.
Latvia 2012 Dir Edmunds Jansons 5 min
Rabbit and Deer
Rabbit and Deer are living happily together until their friendship is put to the test by Deer’s new obsession to find the formula for the 3rd dimension.
Hungary 2013 Dir Peter Vacz 16 min
Queen Bum
A Dad and his little girl make up goodnight stories about strange Queen Po.
Switzerland 2015 Dir Maja Gehrig 11 min
The Goatherder and his lots and lots and lots of Goats

An amusing day in the life of a goat herder and his lots and lots and lots of goats, who like to munch on anything (and everything) they find!
UK 2012 Dir Will Rose 7 min

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