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Hamza Namira

Hamza Namira sitting in a doorway with his guitar case on the floor in front of him.

Hamza Namira, the Egyptian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist will perform songs from his latest album, Mawloud Sanat 80.

Hamza Namira is one of the most celebrated faces of modern Arabic music: becoming a luminous expression of his homeland’s resilience and ambition. Emerging as a major public figure, most notably since the Egyptian revolution of 2011, he uses his work to explore and engage with the prominent social issues of today.

In his music, he weaves through Egyptian traditional and folk music, pop, rock and jazz – remixing and reworking pan-Arabic folkloric music and adding different fusions – using these international collaborations to share the issues of his generation in a way that is emotive and inclusive. This has earned him huge success and a large following in the Arab world, with almost a billion total views on YouTube. Namira also presented three seasons of his own weekly Pan Arab TV programme, Remix, and has released five albums to date.

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colour photo of Hamza Namira sitting on a step with his guitar case

Listen: Hamza Namira - Mawloud Sanat 80

Listen to Hamza Namira's album Mawloud Sanat 80 on Spotify

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