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Maid Marian and Her Merry Men (PG) + Pre-recorded introduction by Tony Robinson

Maid Marian and her Merry Men

This CBBC show was a beloved fixture of after school viewing in the late 80s and early 90s – so bring the next generation along and introduce them to the anarchic fun of these classic capers!

Writer/creator Tony Robinson (Blackadder, Time Team) turns the Robin Hood myth on its head and puts Maid Marian at the head of the team, organising the band of outlaws to rebel against the greedy King John and the dastardly Sherriff of Nottingham (played by Robinson himself).

We’ll be screening three brilliant episodes with some of the most recognisable tunes (P-p-p-pancake Day, anyone?). Also starring Danny John Jules and Kate Lonergan in the title role, this hilarious romp is a great way to kick off the Easter holidays. 

We're thrilled that the Sherriff of Nottingham himself, Tony Robinson, has pre-recorded an introduction to this special screening. 

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Adults can only come if they’re bringing a child, and children can only come along if accompanied by an adult. If you’re over 18, we’re afraid being a ‘big kid’ doesn’t count. 


‘How the Band Got Together’ 
In the Merry Men’s origin story, we’re introduced to the Worksop villagers and how their mud filled lives are changed by the arrival of the rebellious, natural born leader Maid Marian. 
UK 1989 Dir David Bell 25 min

‘A Game Called John’ 
The shifty Sherriff of Nottingham, desperate for a free pancake day meal, hatches a convoluted plan to make the King a famous star.
UK 1989 Dir David Bell 25 min

‘The Worksop Egg Fairy’
When King John demands eggs and soldiers for breakfast, the Sherriff of Nottingham must break out the maximum amount of sneakiness to dupe the villagers for their eggs. Luckily for them, Maid Marian is on the case!  
UK 1989 Dir David Bell 25 min

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