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Sabir Khan + Ramana Balachandran

Darbar Festival

Ramana Balachandran sitting in a garden playing his veena - a large stringed instrument

Witness sarangi master Sabir Khan and one of India’s child prodigy Carnatic exponents in this special double bill.

In his first UK performance, Ramana Balachandran demonstrates his musical power. Having emerged as one of the most sought-after veena players as just a child, he interprets Carnatic ragas with a refreshing new outlook and virtuosic agility.

Son of legendary sarangi player and vocalist Padma Bhushan Ustad Sultan Khan, Sabir Khan explores ragas through the lilting sound of one of India’s oldest instruments – the sarangi. He is accompanied by Aneesh Pradhan – disciple of the late tabla maestro Pandit Nikhil Ghosh, author of Chasing the Raag Dream: A Look into the World of Hindustani Music and maker of the film Pratidhvani: Reverberations of the Nanasaheb Panse Pakhawaj Tradition

Part of Darbar Festival

Running times:

6.30 - 10.15pm (with an interval) 

Produced by Darbar in association with Barbican


Darbar Festival 2022

The world's finest Indian Classical Music festival is back, with a host of international talent to open your ears to throughout October.


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