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Damon Albarn: The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows

A headshot of Damon Albarn looking to the distance

Singer, songwriter and composer Damon Albarn performs his new project, inspired by the landscapes of Iceland.

Iceland is a unique country, filled with an abundance of natural beauty; glaciers, volcanoes, thermal springs, mountains and stunning headlands, stretching across two continents; a land where tectonic plates meet.

This new piece from Albarn, a frequent visitor to Iceland for almost three decades, sees the musician perform his first solo work in over five years, accompanied by an ensemble of musicians.

The title of the piece is taken from a John Clare poem, Love and Memory. Albarn is a singer, songwriter, composer, producer and founder member of Blur, Gorillaz and The Good, The Bad & The Queen.

This concert will start at the advertised start time and running times will be confirmed closer to the event

This concert is subject to Government Guidance relating to Covid-19.

Produced by the Barbican

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photo of erland cooper in front of a piano in the barbican foyer

Barbican Sessions: Erland Cooper

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