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Mueda, Memoria e Massacre (15) with introduction by Catarina Simão + Reception

Cinema Restored

Mueda, Memoria e Massacre

Launching our Cinema Restored strand, is this fascinating film from Brazilian-Mozambican director Ruy Guerra.

Having been thought lost since 2009 and restored in 2017, The film takes as its focus, an annual performance held in the village of Mueda, Mozambique, where the community stages a re-enactment, with a cast of amateur actors from across the village, of a 1960 massacre which had taken place in Mueda, where victims included villagers who had demonstrated to demand independence from the local Portuguese administrator.

The violence which ensued would be the catalyst for the subsequent Mozambican War of Independence. In Guerra’s film the director adopts a documentary-like approach to capture the public performance and reflect how it departs from strict realism and instead becomes more akin to a piece of absurdist political theatre.

In partnership with the Camoes Institute, we re-introduce this important work to London audiences.

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1979 Mozambique dir Ruy Guerra 80 min

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